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Joe Jennings
310 543-2222

Freefall Cinematography in
16mm, IMAX
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To book an Exhibition skydiving team, Call 310 543-2222. We'll connect you with pro rated skydivers in your city who can handle all of the logistics, and put on a great show for your event.

Across the USA, there are organizations, and teams like ours, that are qualified and prepared to parachute into a variety of locations, including; stadiums, parks, beaches, city streets, parking lots, schools, bridges, and even into water. If there is sky above your event, we can land at your event.

The price for a demonstration jump depends on the number of jumpers required, and the complexity of project. A single skydiver landing on a football field, may cost only $300, including the plane! Larger, more complex projects, with multiple jumpers cost more. It's worth a call to check on pricing. You may be pleasantly surprised.