Event Photos

Museum from above

Another view

The stage before the event

I was supposed to be in this photo!!

What my kid says I missed

Nov. 9, 2006:

The governor and Maria Shriver came to Mexico City for a variety of things, including a stop at the Papalote Museo De Los Ninos where Arnold talked about travel and trade between California and Mexico and also introduced an IMAX documentary called "Adventures in Wild California", a movie that Troy Hartman and I helped to film.

My part in the introduction was to land on the roof just behind the stage, a montage of california scenery set behind the Golden Gate Bridge.  The roof was tight but doable, conditions were perfect, and everything was in place, all the permits, the ground crew, the twin Otter, everything. 

I had a wrist mounted POV camera and air to ground transmitter with two way audio so that the host and I could chat on the way down, and a variety of night lights.  I was to land, give away a california vacation, and mingle in a variety of ways with the governor - all while entirely decked out in Skydive.com. 

And the commission flew my wife and kids down for the event because they thought it would be nice for my family and the governor's family to meet.  Demos don't come much better.

Then someone said "no"

We're about to take off, and someone at the Mexico City air traffic control decides to have another look at the paperwork.  Then we find out that he and the Commandant at our airport didn't get along.  He relents and grants permission, then takes it back, then grants it again, all the while, the clock is ticking and the pilot is practically shaking in disbelief and frustration.  The flight plan was in, all permits were in order, there were 12 mexican governors and a number of diplomats present at the event, and the weather was perfect. 

Two weeks of preparation literally dissolved just moments before takeoff because of some sort of rivalry.  Or perhaps because certain unofficial "paperwork" wasn't handled.  My friends here in Mexico who helped coordinate the paperwork feel that it was a combination of the two.

I'd have loved to jump into this event, to help announce the movie, to participate with the governor, all of it.  And skydive.com stood to gain terrific exposure.  I'm sorry to report that none of these things happened.  It was a total wash.

The drive from the airport to the museum was two hours.  I missed the entire event.  Arnold and Maria chatted with Sissy and the boys, which was nice, but my younger boy, Sammy, was mostly upset because by the time I arrived, the buffet and the chocolate fountain had been taken down.  Those were the two things he most wanted to show me.

The good news, however, is that the commission has asked me to jump into some other high profile events that could become great opportunities to gain broad and positive exposure for skydive.com.  I'll report those events as they happen.

All the best and Blue Skies!